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I been so swamped lately I don’t know which way is up. We spent part of last week in Canada last week, visiting my folks. It was nice to be together though we almost missed the ferry on our way home. Speaking of Canada – for all Canadian alterna-church leaders resonate has lunched its new […]

transformation question

What is the relationship between content and transformation? Is there teaching that is requisite for life change? peace, dwight

anabaptist & loving it

I grew up in Southern Manitoba (Canada). This was and still is Mennonite country. Mennonites are a Christian religious sect in the Anabaptist tradition taking our name from a dynamic Dutch leader named Menno Simmons, who was born in Friesland (note my last name) in 1496, and was part of what is often called the […]


So I am committed to non-violence. Well, I had lunch with Paul Steinke yesterday and we were talking about violence and Christian responses and he was lovingly challenging me on my stance, and drawing out my heritage. We got talking about René Girard, as Paul is in process of reading The Girard Reader, and though […]