Relational Theology

“The Seattle School” has arrived

I’m excited to inform you that as of the beginning of last week we officially changed the name of our school – Mars Hill Graduate School is now The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. The staff has been hard at work these past months as we prepared for this change. Official documents were changed, […]

pedagogy of presence with Jon Stanley

Navigating the cacophonous choruses of our culture’s religious and secular fundamentalists can be overwhelming. What does it mean for Christians to be salt and light in this acrimonious cultural climate? How might Christians live faithfully without colluding with partisan shouting? Are there more productive atheisms and theisms than we find in their contemporary resurgent forms? […]

Remembering Clark Pinnock

Christian Theologian Dr. Clark Pinnock passed away yesterday (August 15th, 2010). Dr. Pinnock was a strong and at times conversational voice in the Evangelical movement.  He taught most recently at MacMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.  And published many books, including (but certainly not limited to): Flame of Love: A Theology of the […]

great TED talk on bridging

Here’s very helpful TED talk that takes the “networking” conversation in some very helpful directions.  The presenter is Ethan Zuckerman.  He studies how the world — the whole world — uses new media to share information and moods across cultures, languages and platforms. Zuckerman creatively points out that though web connects the globe, most of […]

post-colonial writings of Musa Dube

Been doing a bit of reading, exploring post-Christendom and post-colonial implications for mission and identity formation.   I’ve been finding this reading to vital to my own development . . . as it drives home how limited my perspective is, and just how much I need to be in relationship with others who see life […]

Cornel West – Truth

Check out this short conversation about “truth” between  Cornel West and Astra Taylor posted on Killing the Buddha.  Like yours truly, Astra Taylor was born in Winnipeg, MB; she is the director behind Zizek, and the soon to be on DVD Examined Life. I believe this conversation is a transcript from “Examined Life.” Peace, dwight

Local Theologies

Ryan Bolger has created a helpful slide illustrating an overview of local theologies as they have emerged over time.  He is drawing heavily from David Bosch, Andrew Walls, and Wilbert Shenk. peace, dwight

Theology After Google

Keep you eyes out for an upcoming theology/technology/culture conversation at Claremont.  Follow this link for more information. Philip Clayton and Tripp Fuller are putting together what is looking to be a fascinating conversation. Peace, dwight Here’s a link to the talks.

Conversation with Moltmann

One of the thrills of my life was to share space with Professor  Jürgen Moltmann. it was a great privilege to hear Professor Moltmann tell his story and engage candidly with our panelists and the crowd. Special thanks to Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt and JoPa Productions for carrying the lion’s share of creating, moderating and […]

mourning the loss of Ray S. Anderson

Ever since I learned of the death of theologian Ray Anderson (he passed away on Sunday 6/21), I’ve found myself reflecting on how he choose to live his life, which has led me to also reflect on my own.  Dr. Anderson was the consummate pastor/theologian, serving in the same geographical community, learning community and faith […]