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vox veniae – austin, tx

I just returned from weekend retreat with a vox veniae in the happening town of austin.  Thanks Sam, Gid, Kevin and the whole crew for such a great time. Together we explored the concept of living as a glocal parish. 

I’ll tell ya, after a weekend of retreating and non-stop eating & pipe smoking, I think it may be time to reconsider my diet.  In addition to great food at the retreat I got my feed on at Rudy’s, Hoover’s, Trudy’s and even at Sonic – my first time 🙂

Peace, dwight

Seeking Common Ground

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg and I met through Synagogue 3000, he and I will be team teaching a Hillel Foundation class in May at University of Washington and Panim Hadashot sponsored by JConnect.  We titled our class:

Seeking Common Ground: A Conversation with a Rabbi and a Pastor On Religious Identity and Belief in a Pluralistic World

Its a rare opportunity for young Christians and Jews to engage in conversation about religious identity and faith in a world of diverse choices and religious contentiousness.

Our themes will be:

  1. Does my religious identity or lack thereof help or deter my relationship with others in a diverse society?
  2. Beyond God on my side: Does a sense of religious choseness make sense in our times? (Post-evangelical, post-insular Judaism)
  3. What is religious conversion in pluralistic world?
  4. What does it mean to affirm your faith tradition in a world of multiple ‘truths’’?
  5. Can secular and religious people find common ground?

Class Information:

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00PM,  May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

@ University of Washington, Hillel Foundation

4745 17th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105.

Geared to persons of college age through mid 30s.


Registration Information:

Cost: $25.  To register contact UW Hillel at 206-527-1997 or register online at

For more information,  contact Rabbi Dov Gartenberg at or call at 206 525-0648

the church has left the building

Tom & Christine Sine & the Mustard Seed Associates are presenting: The Church has Left the Building.

I will be guiding an appreciative inquiry of indigenous missional Christ-commons.  April 28-29, 2006.

Peace, dwight

wartburg seminary

I will be interacting with a group of “J-TERM SEATTLE” seminary students from Wartburg Seminary, around some of my research regarding the “Scale-Free Kingdom.”  Jan 18, 2006.

Peace, dwight

booking dwight


If you are interested in having me facilitate a conversation with your leadership team, faith-community, or in having me teach at your college or seminary please email your request:


In addition to dialogue facilitation I also occasionally consult with churches, Christ-communities, house churches and denominations looking to further develop their emphasis on relationality as an organizing principle. 


Please include the type of interaction you’re considering (i.e., consulting services, relationality, Perichoresis, Church as a Living Spirit, Crafting a Relational Christ-commons, the Scale-Free Kingdom, “And”, orthoparadoxy, etc.), preferred dates, name and address of sponsoring community, contact name and phone number, estimated number of participants, address, and e-mail address. Also, include any other pertinent information about your group.  I will personally contact you as soon as possible.

Please note: My speaking schedule still has some openings for the current year.


peace, dwight

emerging church learning party

I’ll be helping out with this event.  Register here.

peace, dwight


I’m available for workshops, retreats and guided group experiences for the purpose of encountering God.  In conjunction with your community’s unique needs and desires I will develop customized retreats.

Please contact me for more information.

peace, dwight

connecting weekend

Lynette, Pascal and I invite you to spend a weekend with them our home. 


Spend time talking and sharing lives, discussing relational ministry and relational church-planting.  And spend time with their Christ-commons (Quest). 


Connecting weekends are a great retreat and stimulus to relational church-planting. 


Connecting weekends are limited to five people.


Connect me for specific information.


peace, dwight