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dwight’s top 10 – books of 2010

Here’s my list for 2010 . . . no particular order: 1. James K. A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation 2. James Davison Hunter’s To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World 3. Elizabeth Hun Schmidt’s The Poets Laureate Anthology 4. Thomas Long’s […]

2010 Emergent Theological Conversation

In just a couple of days I get to join one of the most important theological conversations that Emergent Village has hosted to date.  The conversation will bring Dr. Musa Dube , Dr. Richard Twiss, and Dr. Colin Greene together to explore “Creating Liberated Spaces in a Postcolonial World.”  What does mission look after colonialism?  […]

“free for all” April 15-16 Durham, NC

There is a free conference being held in Durham, NC (April 15&16, 2010) bringing people together in discussion around the themes raised in the outstanding new book by Tim Conder & Dan Rhodes, Free for All: Rediscovering the Bible In Community. Check out the schedule . . . it promises to be an amazing opportunity […]

unbound conference – seattle – april 16-17

WHEN: April 16-17, 2010 HELD @: University Presbyterian Church in Seattle Hosted by the Freedom Initiative, the UNBOUND Conference features Human Trafficking activists who aim to educate people on the comprehensive factors that contribute to Human Trafficking, to  empower individuals to develop a personal response to slavery, and to mobilize them to action. Peace, dwight

A Relational Hermeneutic for K.o.G. Mission

I am thrilled that to announce that I just received my first bound copy of my book and it is available at a store near you… This book was born in the context of an eleven-year life altering experiment in ecclesial life, fleshed out in learning communities with thoughtful women and men who never ceased […]

exciting news (at least for me) about new book

Just found out that our completed manuscript for our new book has been officially accepted by Zondervan.  I looks like the book should hit the shelves in October 2010. The book will be titled, Routes & Radishes: and other things to talk about at the Evangelical Crossroads.   It is a co-authored projected exploring the history […]

Tony Jones – Teaching of the 12

Welcome to day nine of the Tony Jones’, The Teaching of the Twelve, blog Tour. Let me begin expressing my gratitude for the thoughtful engagement with the Didache not only by Tony Jones but also by the other bloggers who have engaged this classic work through Tony’s new work.  I am thrilled to see the […]

dwight’s top 10 – books of 2009

I realize this may be just a bit early but here is my list of 2009 titles that gave me pause to think, delight and wonder. In no particular order: 1. Peter Rollins’ The Orthodox Heretic and other impossible Tales 2. Graham Ward’s The Politics of Discipleship: Becoming Postmaterial Citizens 3. John Franke’s Manifold Witness: The […]

Pete Rollins – Seattle – Dec.10

I am excited to announce that Pete Rollins, philosopher, author, and founder of Ikon in  Northern Ireland is coming to town. A group of MHGS students are making this happen . . . I love it. The evening event will be Thursday, Dec 10 and hosted at MHGS.  I’ll post the exact time as I […]

Off-the-Map “Born Again Church”

Off The Map is back again with its always provocative/entertaining/ challenging line-up – “Born Again Church.” Jim Henderson gets an interesting and very diverse group of people together and lets them interact with one another and the audience.