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all’s quiet on the western front

This has been one quiet journal for the last while.  Between the Generous Orthodoxy conference, AAR, thanksgiving, the first week of advent, significant changes in Quest, teaching and life iwth Lynette and Pascal i’ve found that I have the hardest time keeping up with my elife. 

Peace, dwight

farewell new car smell

On a Sunday

The Vancouver film festival is underway; and since Lynette’s brother (Bevan Klassen) had his latest short film screening in the festival we drove up and spent some time with him and Frank Zappia (who has acted in a number of Bevan’s films). 

It was great to hang with Bevan.  Listening to him talk about film is a spiritual experience.  Anytime I get to be in dialogue with an informed and passionate person regarding their area of passion is sheer joy; its as though I can feel the scales fall off my eyes.

We all went to a fun pasta bar for dinner just before Lynette, Pascal and I returned to Seattle.  By the time we said our farewell’s and hugged our goodbyes I was not feeling too well.  My best guess was that one of the clams in my pasta was bad.  I was not well.  My food poisoning kicked into irrevocably high gear just as we turned onto I-405.  There is nothing quite like throwing-up on the side of an interstate; if only we been in the right lane.  We now have a forest of those pine air-fresheners, and we wonder if we’ll ever be able to close our windows again.

More than you wanted to know?  No one said you had to read this.

Peace, dwight

for the love of learning

The fall trimester has begun; and I have the unspeakable privilege of teaching a full load at MHGS.  The paths along which I get to serve as a guide are:

  • An Introduction to the Hermeneutical Task: The Art of Reading Beyond the Page
  • MDiv Practicum 3: Embodying Christ
  • Life Together 1: Ancient-Future Church & Worship
  • Mentored Ministry

peace, dwight



Yesterday morning Lynette, Pascal and I went to hear a friend who was guest preaching in Queen Anne; on the way home we stopped at Dick’s Drive-In.  Dick’s is one of Seattle’s sacred venues; a classic burger joint.  We ordered four cheese burgers, four fries a coke and a vanilla shake; mmmmmmm, so good (unless you’re an artery). 

I hand the cashier my $20 and he holds it up to the light to be sure its legitimate, then he looks at the bill even closer.  He turns and looks at me, and then looks back at my bill; calls over the manager; “There’s no watermark – I can’t see the face,” he says. 

The manager sets the bill before me on a piece of white paper.   She drips her finger in some water and runs her finger from the bill onto the white paper smearing the ink in the process.  “Its a fake.  I have to confiscate the bill and call the police.” 

Our cheap lunch turned into a rather expensive meal.  After a brief conversation with a couple of Seattle COPs we were back on our way.  Albeit, twenty dollars poorer.  I’ve never had the experience where everyone in a restaurant was looking at me with a sense that I was a criminal, to say it was odd was an understatement. 

Does this mean I am now a suspect in a felony case? . . . Who would have thought?

peace, dwight

no access

For the second week out of the last three weeks, I have almost no Internet access.  Lynette, Pascal and I are at a wonderful cabin on Vancouver Island celebrating my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.

peace, dwight

back from manitoba

Well, Lynette, Pascal and I have returned from a week with Lynette’s family at Ditch Lake.  Certainly a much needed break.  Wonderful conversations, great food and sitting around campfires; not to mention sneaking out on the paddle boat to enjoy a cigar or heading into Clear Lake with Lynette for appetizers and a pint.  Thanks mum & dad K, and Bevan & Carolyn et al.  – a few pictures.

Peace, dwight

in good company

Today is a day of table fellowship.  Lunch with Joel VandenBrink and theologian Colin Greene.  Colin’s latest book is, Christology in Cultural Perspective: marking out the horizons.  Then, I get to have coffee with a prospective MDiv student at Mars Hill Graduate School.  Followed by dinner with Brian McLaren, Lynette and Pascal.  What a day!

Peace, dwight

going camping

Lynette, Pascal and I are going camping.  This will be the first time in years that I will be camping for more than one night.  I’ve always said that, for me, “roughing it” is thin towels as a hotel.  I am not a camper.

But we are gonna have fun.  I’ll talk with you in a few days.

Peace, dwight


I’ve always loved the idea that graduations are commencements; they are endings which are beginnings – they are dénouement

Pascal’s leap of faith

This past weekend was my hooding/commencement for my Doctor of Ministry from GFU.  My dad & mum, and Lynette’s dad & mum both made the trek down from Canada to join Lynette, Pascal and I in the celebration of this milestone. 

Dad & mum Klassen, Mum & Dad Friesen, Pascal

My folks and Lynette’s folks, have been incredibly supportive throughout the process of my studies, often in very tangible ways: staying with Lynette and Pascal while I traveled, fixing our water spouts, mowing our lawn, helping us financially, editing my writing, words of encouragement and constant prayers.  Thank you dad & mum and dad & mum.  I love you, we couldn’t have completed this without you.

Lynette and I (with my Distinguished Dissertation Award)

Though it may sound cliché, there truly are no words that can adequately express my gratitude to Lynette and Pascal for creating space for me to study and to become.  For their joy in celebrating, and their tenacious pursuit of “us.”  Thanks.  I love you so much.

Len Sweet, Kent Yinger, Chuck Conniry, and me

Peace, dwight

more on ‘consulation’

Well, I’m back to the world of the web connected.  After a week in LA at Fuller Seminary and in Portland at George Fox University without access, it feels so good to have my networked-mind back.

The time at the emerging church leadership consulation on the Fuller campus was a ton of fun.  Seeing old friends, finally putting a face to a blog, and meeting some people for the first time (regardless of medium). 


Some of the people involed were:

Alan Hirsch, Alan Roxburgh, Andrew Jones, John Franke, Ben Edson, Bob Roxburgh, Cam Roxburgh, Dana Cunliffe, Deborah Blue, Dieter Zander, Eddie Gibbs, Gary Waller, Gerard Kelly, Holly An Rankin Zaher, Ian Mobsby, Jason Evans, Doug Pagitt, Karen Ward, Ian Mobsby, John Drane, John Franke, Kester Brewin,  Kevin Rains, Mal Calladine, Malcolm Hawker, Mark Palmer, Mark Priddy, Mark Scandrette, Michael Bischof, Michael Breen, Olive Drane, Patrick Keifert, Paul Roberts, Rachelle Mee Chapman, Rudy Carrasco, Ryan Bolger, Sara Jane Walker, Si Johnston, Simon Hall, Spencer Burke, Steve Taylor, Tim Keel, Tom Sine, Vera White and me.  I’ve probably left a person or two out, if so, help me out.  Post any missing blogs as well.


I had to sneak out early on Friday morning –
2:50 AM to be exact – so I don’t know how the time ended however.  Our moderator (Alan Roxburgh) appeared to be guiding us to consider:


What is leadership?


What does leadership do?


How can emerging leadership be trained?


My editorial take was that part of the question was: What kind of education/experiences/blessing/encouragement/etc can seminaries provide in fostering leadership for the avant-church world?  Does classic seminary education have a future in the emerging church?   If so what, if not want kinds of preparation might serve Christ’s church as we move forward?  Questions of educational delivery systems seemed to come up in small group discussions.


Peace, dwight