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a friend or two . . . community groups

Wherever two or three people gathered in Christ’s name God promises to join in.


If you have ever found yourself looking for connection, to get to know people and to be known, there is only one way to do so – and it always involves risk and commitment.


Quest strongly encourages people to band together with one or two friends to nudge one another toward Christ, covenanting to meet regularly, sharing life and assist one another in hearing and responding to the Divine. These relational hotspots are the primary place for personal care, leadership development and community building in Quest. Times together may often include worship, bible discussion, fellowship, eating, drinking, movies, sharing, listening, prayer, and playing or whatever the friends feel they need.

journey . . . quest exists to assist in the process

We have always been focused on serving people in their unique faith journeys.  We believe that every person is in process of becoming.  So we seek to be an aid in that journey; to be a friend to walk with, talk with, share doubts & fears with, to love, to celebrate, to mourn, etc.  We strive to do life together.


Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you in your journey.

some of our questions

  • How will we be now?
  • How can we better meet the needs of those in our community?
  • Where is our passion and life?
  • Where is God in this community and in myself?  Gifts, hearts…
  • How do we become more connected to God, each other and the world around us?
  • How can we individually/corporately step more fully into ourselves and our gifts?
  • How can we live beyond our cultural individualism?
  • How might we better understand the relationship of  loneliness and connection?
  • What do Dwight & Lynette need?
  • How do we share power, voice, ourselves with each other, Etc?
  • How can we live Christ in and beyond our own community?
  • How is God inviting us to live, speak beyond and inside our own community?
  • How do we worship together and extend that worship?
  • How do we live with God in everything?
  • What is the relationship between connecting with one another and the symbolic activity?
  • How can we better serve those whom God brings to us?
  • How can we be friendlier, open and inviting?

some themes from our questions

Common themes:

  • Community – longing for and desire to extend it
  • How questions? …More active than reflective
  • Living Christ in Relationship
  • Grow Outward
  • Desire: reveal our hearts , to know and be known, for more
  • Not looking for this community to be everything.
  • How are we a impetus for encouraging connection with God, one another, creation.
  • Impacted, co-creator
  • “How can we” connotes multiple ways
  • Gifts and Passions

what might be God’s wisdom for us?

What is the God’s Wisdom for us?


Where are the passions and life . . .  


·        A heartbeat, coming together

·        Reminder and helping each other remember that God loves us

·        People who are questing

·        Tangents

·        Seeing where God is moving and joining God in that

·        Passion for wounded people – for we carry wounds

·        Caring for folks in transition

·        Connecting people to what they need

·        Conversation

·        Integrity – honesty – truth – authenticity – rawness

·        Family

·        Trust in conjunction with our dysfunction

·        “I get more hugs”

·        “I don’t have to put on a face”

·        “I am heard”

·        “A growing hope for the church”

·        “I feel alive”

·        “redefinitions”

·        “I feel challenged to continue growing, even if scary”

·        “Its ok to be where I’m at”


Balancing inward and outward


·        Going out with

·        Prayer and perspective

·        Grounding which enables me to have strength outside of here

·        Engage my neighbors

·        Quest can be a model to enlarge people’s understanding of Christianity

·        The dancing of objectivity with subjectivity

·        Spacious Conversations


Structure – creating what will be


·        Balance of inward and outward

·        Once a month plus weekly small groups of a sort

o       Groups going out together

o       Meeting weekly

o       Feeding homeless, serving, etc

o       Organizing around passions – People for passions with different things, creating space for passion-expression

·        A web based source to support connecting

·        If you want to see quest do something – to initiate

·        Sacramental (at least monthly):

o       Prayer

o       Worship

o       Word

o       Teaching

o       Storying of the month (three plus hours)

o       Dwight serves in area of passion,

o       Carrie&Sarah+ facilitate 

·        Meal – mini-meals 

·        Creating circles for what will be

·        Shared leadership:

o       Emailing,

o       Tim participate in helping create a web space.  Jason, Thomas


Second Sunday of the Month (3pm)


·        Carrie, Sarah, Dwight


Web site


Keri Communication and connection


January Conversation around Shared Leadership


Extra Questions


·        How is God calling Quest to the “more.”


·        How do we live into the more?


  • Are we fed by feeding?
  • How do we become Eucharist to our world?
  • We are together with each other in our weaknesses.
  • Self-sacrifice* and lots of trust, and our _________ will be ______.
  • Connection** brings in hope and healing.
  • Risking pursuing more in others.
  • We’re in a place of affliction.  Eliminates the band-aid of meeting every week and exposes the need.
  • Listening to the Scripture.


*Surrendering our agendas

**Conversation, bring my questions (even if not clear), I wasn’t alone.

extra notes from discernment day

  • Needing a regular structure in order to share myself.
  • It’s always insecure.
  • The power of touch and physical gathering.
  • More communication around the morphing of structure.
  • Fear that we will cease to be and meet.
  • Weekly structure provides a regular place to be.
  • Balance
  • Intimacy
  • Spiritually led
  • Inward – Outward balance

Summerizing our questions

  • What might it look like to use our gifts and passions to more fully live out our desire to connect with God, ourselves, and others?
  • How can we live in relationship with Christ and others using our gifts, passions, and desires as an impetus to impact and be impacted?
  • How can we search the answers or life of God’s passions as did the apostles when they first started?
  • How can we become more passionately connected in serving God, each other and the world around us?
  • Based on the gifts, desires, and passions being revealed in our community, how can we live Christ relationally in a way that both impacts us and serves as an impetus for encouraging connection with God, each other, and the world?
  • How might we inspire each other to worship God, strengthen community and realize our own passionate desires?
  • How do we live Christ in community…

dancing to a new rhythm

Dear friends,

I am writing this as I reflect back on our gathering this past Sunday night.  It was a “family time” for thoughtful consideration of how we might morph our structured times together to continue to be more and more of a reflection of who we are as a community. 


One of our shared desires continuing to shape us as a Christ-commons is that we make our connections with God, with people, and with creation an integral sustaining part of our lives – individually and corporately.  The vision of our life-together has never been about Sunday nights, and we desire to try and focus on the relationships that we have, to take initiative and listen to the God promptings in our lives on a daily and weekly basis as the root of our connection time.  Yet in recent months we have sensed a growing dependence coupled with a degree of unhealthy constraint on our monthly rhythm.


As we talked together on Sunday night we decided to bring freedom in our schedules and begin to bring greater focus on connecting in relational groups by altering the rhythm of our gatherings to meeting once a month.  Therefore, going forward we will meet at the Friesen house on the 2nd Sunday of the month.


For the next six months we will gather once each month.  After six months we will reassess. 


This change, like all changes, holds great possibilities and great challenges.  The possibilities of creating more space in our lives for enlarging our social networks and living responsively to the relational promptings of the Holy Spirit is huge, and the challenge of the possibility that some within our relational sphere may feel a relational crisis (of sorts) is almost inevitable. 


I will be sending out invitations to join the Quest blog.  So that you can easily post invitations, questions, thoughts, highlight other faith communities, events, books, resources, etc.  If for some reason that email invite doesn’t get through to you please let me know.


This is a significant transition and I know that not everyone who would have liked to be in on that conversation was present, so please talk with myself or others who were there. I believe this is an opportunity for our community to live into relationships and mission with freshness and life. 


Peace, dwight


Welcome to quest’s new discussion space. 

peace, dwight