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katrina video

On behalf of emergent, Chris Seay sent out a link to a beautiful/powerful/emotional video download (made by Travis Reed) that tells the story of the loss of so many this week in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.  The song is based on Psalm 137.  The text and song were written by Lori Chaffer of Waterdeep and recorded for a unique worship project based on the retelling of the Psalms.

Lori, Waterdeep, Travis, Chris and Emergent – thanks for guiding our prayers.

download video here

peace, dwight

hurricane katrina

The photos, news coverage and personal stories of the devastation in the wake of hurricane Katrina are so unsettling – I find my heart and mind preoccupied with the chaos so many are experiencing.  From the loss of loved ones and pets, to the homes, cars, photos, family heirlooms, and lets not forget the historic buildings and culture significance of the area for our Nation.  The loss is staggering. 

I find it impossible to imagine what it must be like to be huddled on the roof of my home with my wife and four year-old with no clean water just wondering when or if someone will find us.  Or what it would be like to carve out a space in a stadium where you feel safe – how do you get comfortable in a stadium?  What do you do when bridges are down and many of the major streets in a city are undriveable, with no electricity, no land lines, cell towers down, no Internet, no groceries, no clean water, no working sewage systems, what about hosipals, prisions, churches, malls, etc.  How many small businesses will have to file chapter 11?  How will this impact employment?  What will this do to the poor, and those who were just beginning to get on their feet?  Will the rich get richer in the wake of this dissasater?  Simply overwhelming. 


Just a few of the many channels through which you and I can activate our support.

American Red Cross 1.800.HELP.NOW

The Salvation Army 1.800.SAL.ARMY

Catholic Charities 1.800.919.9338

Samaritan’s Purse 1.828.262.1980

The Humane Society

Grace and peace, dwight

God’s guidance

As the news of Pope John Paul II’s home-going sinks in, I am moved to pray all the more for the Cardinals who will be gathering in the selection of the next pope

peace, dwight

pray for our Pope

Please pray for 84 year-old Pope John Paul II.  His health is failing and the Roman Church is preparing for his home-going.  As the Pontiff for about one-half of all the world’s Christians.  He has already received the “Holy Viaticum” — communion reserved for those close to death. 

Also, the church of Rome will need God’s wisdom as it prepares for John Paul’s successor. 

Peace, dwight

Stanley J. Grenz

I am deeply saddened to report that earlier today my friend, mentor and colleague, Dr.
Stanley J. Grenz
  suffered a significant surge in his blood pressure, which resulted in a major brain event, similar to a stroke or an aneurysm. Stan is not expected to live. 
My thoughts and prayers are with Stan and Edna, and their children Joel and Corina.

Updates are being posted here.