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2010 Emergent Theological Conversation

In just a couple of days I get to join one of the most important theological conversations that Emergent Village has hosted to date.  The conversation will bring Dr. Musa Dube , Dr. Richard Twiss, and Dr. Colin Greene together to explore “Creating Liberated Spaces in a Postcolonial World.”  What does mission look after colonialism?  […]

summer class – partnering with Seattle churches

Every summer trimester at MHGS I get to guide a group of emerging leaders through a selected readings course . . . for us “selected readings” means that faculty members are given some space to develop a course around an area of passion. In preparation for this summer’s learning journey, I’ve been working on this […]

unbound conference – seattle – april 16-17

WHEN: April 16-17, 2010 HELD @: University Presbyterian Church in Seattle Hosted by the Freedom Initiative, the UNBOUND Conference features Human Trafficking activists who aim to educate people on the comprehensive factors that contribute to Human Trafficking, to  empower individuals to develop a personal response to slavery, and to mobilize them to action. Peace, dwight

A Relational Hermeneutic for K.o.G. Mission

I am thrilled that to announce that I just received my first bound copy of my book and it is available at a store near you… This book was born in the context of an eleven-year life altering experiment in ecclesial life, fleshed out in learning communities with thoughtful women and men who never ceased […]

Emergent @ CCT, follow-up

A couple of weeks ago I was able to spend a few hours with Christian Churches Together, which is a relatively new ecumenical network in the USA.  I have to say that I find these ecumenical gatherings quite encouraging.  For instance as an Anabaptist (it may be more precise to say that I am an […]

mission in a global context

One of the courses of study I get to guide missional leaders through at MHGS is “Mission in a Global Context.”  Each year one of the learning engagements we do together is teaming up in small groups to participate with God in what God is doing in our city of Seattle.  Here is a video that one of the groups put together.

peace, dwight

vox veniae & the global parish

I ‘m getting ready to head down to Austin, TX to hang out with my friend Sam Lee (MHGS graduate) and his faith community, Vox Veniae for their annual retreat.  We’ll be exploring “The Global Parish;” as Vox has entered into a couple of interncational partnerships and are exploring ways of missionally extending their service.  I’m so looking forward to seeing Sam and meeting the community he’s doing life with.

peace, dwight

Off-the-Map “Born Again Church”

Off The Map is back again with its always provocative/entertaining/ challenging line-up – “Born Again Church.” Jim Henderson gets an interesting and very diverse group of people together and lets them interact with one another and the audience.

emerging & established churches together?

I find myself looking for conversation partners.  I’m looking for new paradigm churches (emerging, neo-monastic, simple, avant-churches, etc.), who are intentionally partnering with more established congregations in mission and mutual transformation.  And the reverse as well, for established congregations who have pursued partnership with new paradigm churches. 

I find myself wondering about how both groups are formed and transformed through their ongoing engagement.  I wonder about those things that both have been invited into from the other: new expressions of life, greater sense of rooted-ness into larger ecclesial narrative, and of course the invitation to surrender in the context of relationship. 

Churches are more missiologically informed today than almost anytime in the last 1,500 years of church history, and I’m wondering what impact the growing quest for contextual resonance may be having on the kinds of partnerships that establishes churches missionally form. 

So if you, or someone you know of, is intentionally pursuing a relationship that invites an established and new paradigm church to dance together, please email me or simply reply to this post; I’d sure appreciate it. 

Peace, dwight

Understanding Emerging Faith

This is a helpful link for anyone looking to learn more about the emerging conversation and how it is shaping and re-shaping church and faith practices. peace, dwight