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“free for all” April 15-16 Durham, NC

There is a free conference being held in Durham, NC (April 15&16, 2010) bringing people together in discussion around the themes raised in the outstanding new book by Tim Conder & Dan Rhodes, Free for All: Rediscovering the Bible In Community. Check out the schedule . . . it promises to be an amazing opportunity […]

Feb 4, 2007 – connecting weekend

We’ve decided that between the Super Bowl, and the arrival of baby Snowden, that we would make this Sunday a connecting weekend. No quest gathering this weekend. We will gather for a meal next Sunday (2/11/2007) at Jeff’s place.

peace, dwight

questions . . . Jan 14, 2007

Beginning with our next gathering, we are going to look afresh at some of the central questions of life. If you have some issues or questions you are considering or you’d like to guide us in, post your replyt here.

Some of the things I’m considering are:

  • What is a good life?
  • Do I really need to be a Christian and what does that mean?
  • What does it mean to forgive and what role does memory play in forgiveness?
  • What does God hope/want for/from humanity?
  • What are sin & holiness?

Sunday 1/14/07 from 4:00-6:00 pm, in Bellevue, WA. Email for directions.

no gathering Jan 7, 2007

We have no gathering this weekend but next Sunday (1/14/2007) we resume our regular rythm.

peace, dwight

gatherings . . . quest exists for connections

Quest exists to connect people.  We have a variety of unimpressive opportunities for people to meet gather and interact. 

One of the challenges in having a “web-presence” is that it can make us look and sound far more organized than we are.  Quest is an intentionally small group of people choosing to connect in Christ.

Overtime we’ve developed a rhythm to how and when we gather.  It is not our goal to fill people’s calendars with church activities, instead we choose, as best as we are able, to do life together.

If you are looking for a “church” to attend, don’t bother with Quest.  However, if you are serious about living your life and making some space to connect with a few others nudging them in a God-ward direction then you may want to investigate further.

family/expression gathering

Our “family gatherings” are life of our community. On the second and third Sundays of each month we gather for to encounter the mystery and story of God. We spend time in worship and conversation regarding how our lives can find meaning and hope in connection with God and other.

Our evenings vary in content however the focus is God and we engage in discussion and activities that help us to see God’s activity in the world and in our own lives. Each person comes prepared to share themselves; bringing a song, a story, a God-moment, etc. Sundays from 4:00-6:00 PM.

The family gathering is @ Dwight & Lynette’shome in Bellevue.

the meal


On the first(1st) Sunday of each month Quest piles into a home to celebrate communion while sharing a meal.  

This is a beautiful time of being with God and each other.  In the Bible we often see Jesus eating with friends, in fact he never turns down an opportunity to go to a party or break bread.  We believe that eating together is an important aspect of commotional life.  Even more importantly ‘The Meal’ is our intentional remembering of the death of Christ… his joyous sacrifice for us, and into which Jesus invites our participation.

The location of THE MEAL changes each month, please email Dwight for directions.  First Sunday night of each month at 4:00-6:00 PM.

connecting weekend


Quest highly values the need for rest. It is not our intention to fill each moment with “church gatherings.”

As a community we have committed to freeing up the one Sunday each month. We encourage people to intentionally use the “free weekend” to connect with friends, family, coworkers, nature, or other community service opportunities.

There is no formal Quest gathering on the last weekend of each month.