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Lastest Pew Forum Report

Today The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released the “U. S. Religious Knowledge Survey” You have got to check it out.  The results surprised me. READ THE REPORT Peace, dwight

da vinci code . . . picking up where luther left off?

The wait is over. The movie opens today.

Here is a link to a very brief article I wrote about the public response to The DaVinci Code for a great film site; The Conversation. The site features reviewers & film critics Andrew Campbell and Philip Tallon.

I titled my piece, The DaVinci Code . . . picking up where Luther left off?

Peace, dwight

merchants of cool

The other night i watched a great PBS documentary called the Merchants of Cool. It talks about the way teens are marketed to in our culture. Good stuff.

Peace, dwight

semioics of blogging?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research in the area of semiotics (a philosophical theory of the functions of signs and symbols, especially the unintended signs).

What do the signs of blogging reveal?

Smoke in the woods may indicate the presence of fire, but the sign is not intended by the source. Symptoms of illness (headache, nausea) indicate the presence of illness, though they are not intended.

What do these e-journals reveal?

Could the disembodied nature of this discussion be a sign, if so what are some of the things it may indicate?

Often our solutions to problems create more and deeper problems, is technology helping us connect?

Peace, dwight