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artist disclaimer

“In the beginning God created”

Those first words of the book of Genesis hint something of God’s artistic nature.  Ours is a God who delights in the intricacies of the pedal of a flower growing on the side of a mountain for no one to enjoy but Godself: beauty for the sake of beauty.

Part of what it means for humans to be fashioned in the image of God is the desire to share our creations.  

I’m on a journey to create.  Believing every person is an artist of a sort – and I do use the word “artist” loosely, having never had any formal training but with a passion to give expression to my journey I occasionally pick up a brush or a camera.  Please be gentle as you interact with my work.

peace, dwight

Park (in four panels)

by dwight friesen



by dwight friesen

part of the Will Mapel collection.



by dwight friesen



by dwight friesen

The text reads:

“For the secret of a man’s being is not only to live . . .

but to live for something definite.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky


hands that make us (in two panels)

hands that make us

by dwight & lynette friesen & our siblings/nieces/nephews




by dwight friesen

Painted after watching Pollock (2000), a film based on the life of artist Jackson Pollock.