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So my first solo book now has cover art.  And is listed on for pre-order.  The book is being published in Baker’s emersion line and will be available in November 2009. peace, dwight

mission in a global context

One of the courses of study I get to guide missional leaders through at MHGS is “Mission in a Global Context.”  Each year one of the learning engagements we do together is teaming up in small groups to participate with God in what God is doing in our city of Seattle.  Here is a video that one of the groups put together.

peace, dwight

ecumenical emergent gathering

“The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.”Richard Rohr

Come to the first large gathering of Roman Catholic, Mainline Protestant, Evangelical, and other Christians seeking to explore this emergence and convergence together. You’ll be inspired by provocative speakers and spiritual leaders and engage in in-depth conversation about our shared quests for:

  • A fresh understanding of Jesus
  • Spirituality that links contemplation and action
  • Social justice and holistic mission
  • Authentic community

Join Fr. Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, Shane Claiborne, Alexie Torres-Fleming, and others for 3 days of spiritual enrichment, challenge, and shared exploration as we envision what the Christian community can be and do in this generation and in generations to come.  Register!


Here’s a link to a helpful piece by William McGrath called, Anabaptists: Neither Catholics nor Protestants.  Also worth checking out is the Peace, dwight

emergent village – keeps emerging

Emergent Village continues to emerge as social network of conversationally engaged, missionally minded communities/people of faith.  Check out the statement from EV and listen to a pod cast of some of the EV board members talking about the move to an even flatter network model

check it out.
peace, dwight

evangelical future(s)?

What is the future or possible futures of evangelicalism?

The movement of evangelicalism seems to be at a crossroads. The baton of leadership of the modern evangelical movement is being passed along. The political landscape is changing. The philosophical and cultural context in the America is changing. Ecclesiologies and understandings of leadership are morphing. Evangelical schools are wrestling with these deep shifts.

Who are next leaders picking up the mantel of leadership and what do kinds of evangelicalism might we anticipate in this transition? What are the greatest challenges for evangelicalism in this season? What practices and what theologies will be maintained, what requires reformation, what past theologies and practices do we as a movement need to repent of, and how might we envision this movement’s future.

These are some of the kinds of questions that a small group writers and thinkers are engaging in a new writing project. I am beginning to work on my essays for the collection and I’m looking for suggested reading and ideas to consider.

peace, dwight

emerging & established churches together?

I find myself looking for conversation partners.  I’m looking for new paradigm churches (emerging, neo-monastic, simple, avant-churches, etc.), who are intentionally partnering with more established congregations in mission and mutual transformation.  And the reverse as well, for established congregations who have pursued partnership with new paradigm churches. 

I find myself wondering about how both groups are formed and transformed through their ongoing engagement.  I wonder about those things that both have been invited into from the other: new expressions of life, greater sense of rooted-ness into larger ecclesial narrative, and of course the invitation to surrender in the context of relationship. 

Churches are more missiologically informed today than almost anytime in the last 1,500 years of church history, and I’m wondering what impact the growing quest for contextual resonance may be having on the kinds of partnerships that establishes churches missionally form. 

So if you, or someone you know of, is intentionally pursuing a relationship that invites an established and new paradigm church to dance together, please email me or simply reply to this post; I’d sure appreciate it. 

Peace, dwight

emergent @ national workshop on Christian Unity

I will be representing emergent village at the National Workshop on Christian Unity in Chicago later this Spring. I’ll have the privilege to present a workshop on emergent village and ecumenism.

BTW, Emergent may have some opportunities to include some other people at the ecumenical table as official delegates to a number of ecumenical gatherings, provided you have the funding to cover your expenses. If you’re interested please contact me, or Tony Jones.

Peace, dwight

my workshop at, “hear.listen.connect”

My friend Jim Henderson together with the collaborative team at Off-the-Map are gearing up for a national conversation happening in Seattle, in early November. This year’s theme is Hear·Listen·Connect.Presenters include Diana Butler Bass, Brian McLaren, Richard Twiss, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, and Todd Hunter and many others, I’ll even get to facilitate a workshop.

My working title for my workshop is:

Orthoparadoxy: embracing the gifts of sin, heresy, and ‘the other’


At-One-Ment:  re-imagining ‘a good Christian’

I offered a brief outline of what I mean by “orthoparadoxy” in the new book, Emergent Manifesto of Hope. But I want this workshop to be a practical exploration of how embracing “otherness” is in fact what faithfully walking in the way of Christ is like. We will look at a bit of the theology that undergirds this gracious, Christ-like way of being but mostly we will stretch our connective imaginations for embodying an Orthoparadox way of being.

For those of you who have been redirected to my personal site from Hear·Listen·Connect I thought I’d offer a bit of biographical info:

I teach practical theology at Mars Hill Graduate School and for more than 11 pastored an emerging simple church on Seattle’s eastside. I am active in interfaith and ecumenical conversation; currently serving on the “Faith & Order Commission” of the National Council of Churches. I am active locally, nationally and internationally with missional and emerging church movements. My wife Lynette and our son Pascal live in Bellevue, Washington.

I hope to see you at this conversation.

Peace, dwight

seattle simple churches?

I’m looking for links to, or contact info for simple churches and/or house churches in and around Seattle. If you know of one could you please comment on this blog entry or email me?

BTW: in an effort to try to link up with other NW simple churches I created,

Peace, dwight