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Inhabit Conference 2014

This year’s Inhabit Conference will be our fourth one, the first three all “Sold Out!”  Hundreds of parish leaders gathered to celebrate the move toward a more embodied, participatory, and sustainable way of being the church. Our theme this year will have us exploring practical ways to “Root” deeply within our place, while “Linking” across […]

The New Parish

Am thrilled to announce the release of the new book, co-authored by myself, and Paul Sparks, and Tim Soerens. “The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches are Transforming Mission, Discipleship and Community.” This project emerged out of loneliness, developed into friendship, and has blossomed into resurrection hope for joining God in our neighborhoods, and finding fresh […]

dwight’s top ten books of 2013

Here’s my list of books picks for 2013, (once again have included a few books published the year before which I didn’t get to until 2013). 1.God, Sexuality, and the Self: An Essay ‘On the Trinity’, by Sarah Coakley 2. Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works, by James K. A. Smith 3. The Cross and […]

dwight’s top 10 books of 2012

Here’s my list of book picks for 2012 (have a listed a few books published last year which I didn’t get to until 2012) . . . no particular order: 1. Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating, by Norman Wirzba 2. Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible, […]

Inhabit Conference 2013

Inhabit: The Art of Parish Renewal April 19-20, 2013, Seattle, WA The last two years the Inhabit Conference “Sold Out!”  Hundreds of parish leaders gathered to celebrate the move toward a more embodied, participatory, and sustainable way of being the church. This incarnational awakening is calling forth important new questions about leadership:  What does leadership look […]

Leadership in the New Parish Think-Tank

If you know me at all, then you know how passionate I am about the mission of the grad school where I get to teach.  You may have already heard that The Seattle School was recently awarded a grant to bridge the gap that often exists between on-the-ground ministry leaders and seminary education. In deep […]

dwight’s top 10 books of 2011

Here’s my list for 2011 (have a listed a few books published last year that I didn’t get to until 2011) . . . no particular order:   1.  Loving to Know: Covenant Epistemology, by Esther L. Meek 2.  The Wisdom of Stability: Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture, by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove 3.  God and […]

“The Seattle School” has arrived

I’m excited to inform you that as of the beginning of last week we officially changed the name of our school – Mars Hill Graduate School is now The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. The staff has been hard at work these past months as we prepared for this change. Official documents were changed, […]

Come Hang out with Mark Scandrette

On June 30, 2011 (Thursday) you are welcome to come over to my place and spend the evening with others committed to being formed in the Way of Jesus.  Mark Scandrette will be with us, 7:00 pm (bring wine and/or chocolate).  Anyone interested in the conversation is welcome to show up. We’re at my home: […]

inhabit conference: seattle, april 29-30

There is a tectonic shift happening under the surface of the church in North America. Parishioners are returning to the parish. The greater our individual mobility extends, the greater the world’s longing and need for a faith that can be lived out collectively – where we can be present… where there is an embodied practice… […]