Hanging with Scandrette, et al

This Sunday, (8/29) I’m hosting an open conversational space with Mark Scandrette, so if you are in or around Bellevue/Seattle you are welcome to join the missional banter.

The grill, and condiments will be here, but food and drinks are up to those who show up.  So bring something to share, and maybe a lawn chair, if you have one.

I’m a bit of a cigar/scotch nut, so, if you wish you’d be welcome to bring a stogy, or your favorite distilled beverage.

And since the next day is the beginning of school for all in my family we will shut things promptly  down at 8:00 pm.  Hope you can join in.

464 – 147th Place NE, Bellevue, WA

peace, dwight

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  1. Thanks Mark and everyone who came out. So good to be together.
    Peace, dwight