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Well, we’re back and beginning to recover from jet lag after our first trip to the African continent.  Lynette, Pascal and I got to spent the better part of July in Kenya, with a few days in London en-route.

What a trip. I’ve got more photos posted on my Facebook account, if you’d care to check them out: KenyaLondon

I purposely left my laptop at home and I have to say that was a wise move, though it was the longest I’ve ever gone without internet access in more than a decade.

We met amazing people, toured beautiful country, saw stunning wildlife, ate great food, and so much more.

I’ve have yet to fully process the experience . . . but wow!

Peace, dwight

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos on facebook, they’re great!

  2. Hey.. I’ll trade you books! Mine is here..

  3. btw, how is the prep for the new course coming? “parish.. embodied witness”.. and have you ever read Capon, “An Offering of Uncles” .. its a narrative reflection that is all about embodiment, you should be able to have a look on GOOGLE books.. or I can send you a scan.. dated mid 70s I believe.