Parish Collective

The Parish Collective is getting ready to host three gatherings of in the Pacific Northwest (VancouverBC, Seattle, Portland).  The gatherings are designed to draw communities of faith who are deeply committed to embodying the gospel in the radical particularity of their locales into conversation with each other.

Paul Sparks & Tim Sorens are pulling together some remarkably innovative folks into this process.  Check out their new web site and corresponding Ning site.

If you and/or your church are seeking to grow in what it means to live in reciprocal relationship with you neighborhood, than this conversation is likely for you.  I can hardly wait.

Connected to this, I’m getting ready to guide students @ Mars Hill Graduate School through a course that I’ve been developing in collaboration with the Parish Collective instigators.  The course will be titled: The Body of Christ: Rediscovering the Local Parish as Embodied Witness.

Peace, dwight

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