exciting news (at least for me) about new book

Just found out that our completed manuscript for our new book has been officially accepted by Zondervan.  I looks like the book should hit the shelves in October 2010.

The book will be titled, Routes & Radishes: and other things to talk about at the Evangelical Crossroads.   It is a co-authored projected exploring the history and future of the modern Evangelical movement.  Mark Russell, Michelle Sanchez, Allen Yeh, Chelle Stearns and me.

BTW though I got this this image from Zondervan’s web site I don’t have confirmation regarding it as the final cover . . . I’ll post the cover as soon as I see it.

Peace, dwight

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  1. Dwight,

    Great to see how you have developed since those early years together as my TA. Would love to reconnect….Check out http://www.christisvictorious.com (my blog). Shalom.

  2. Dwight, this is exciting news! Looking forward to it’s release.

  3. Dwight that is awesome! It is so cool to see that you and Chelle got to do some work together as well! Hope you are well!

  4. “Roots & Radishes” has been released. I got my first copies in the mail a few days ago . . . and I’m pretty pleased with the finished volume.

    Peace, dwight