it is finished

After more than a year of labor, permit problems, miscuts, and slivers our deck is done.



Peace, dwight

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  1. Nice improvement, when do we get an invite for the barbeque?

  2. Looks great! You guys inspired us. Ken is just finishing up our deck today and we’re hosting a 20 person party on it tomorrow! It’s not quite as fancy as yours but it’ll work! Anyway, enjoy your new deck and free time! Ha! Ha!

  3. ooooooooooo! it’s lovely!

  4. Well done! It looks great.

  5. ohhhhhh, snap! nice work my man. i’m assuming you did all the labor yourselves, just as a good friesen should. it looks gorgeous. tres bien

  6. nice man! Did you do that yourself? I remember that old porch from when we visited with Kaleb and had postmodern salad. Yes! miss you face man and your questions…

  7. Looks good!

  8. Hey Dwight,

    It looks great! Hope all is well with you. Are you planning on being in MB anytime soon?