altar to Baal

For some time Lynette has had an altar in her creative space at home.  The altar serves as a prompt to prayer, and is littered with holy objects from her journey: photos of people, poetry, journals, prayer beads, etc.  Though it is nothing fancy it is beautiful.

Our Christ-commons meets Sunday nights which leaves our Sunday mornings open, except for those days when I am guest speaking.  Every once in a while we attend the Episcopal church near our home.  Not too long ago Lynette and Pascal were getting ready to go to the Episcopal church when Pascal protested; “Let’s not go to the church building, let’s stay at home and worship God at mommy’s altar.”  Now if only he had left it there – but no – he went on to say that he wanted to create an altar too.  Only he wanted to create an altar to worship Baal.

It almost makes us think we should stop telling him Old Testament stories – an altar to Baal – I mean really!  How many four year olds even have a context where that would make sense.  Not only I am raising a heretic but an idolater. 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

peace, dwight

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  1. all this and passing fake paper. Nice …

  2. count your blessings that Pascal didn’t ask to stay home and worship Paris Hilton or Britney…that’s what i would have done at that age…look where i ended up…a sad story indeed

  3. funny…you’re clearly a bad influence mate!

  4. That is hilarious. I’m sure Pascal’s new philosophy books will give him more obscure names with which to be creative.