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Antinomy is a term used in logic and epistemology, which, loosely, means a paradox or unresolvable contradiction.  Click here to listen.


by V. Alan White


Antinomy, antinomy, antinomy–

it’s not merely one but it’s two QEDs–

antinomy, antinomy, antinomy–

contradictory results from the same premises!

(Despite what one thinks–both can’t be believed!)


Immanuel Kant said the world can’t begin

then thought better of it, and said it can’t end;

how better adjoin separate theses as these

but publicize them as Kant’s antinomies?




Old Zeno thought space a remarkable thing

(somewhat as we think of a pig on the wing);

Achilles could not catch a Testudines

if burdened by so many antinomies!




We search for the truth till the end of the day–

but closer approaching seems farther away–

an infinite effort our destiny be–

the lover of wisdom’s own antinomy!



Peace, dwight

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  1. great song. i think that it convey\\‘s the sentiment U2 was aiming for in \\\"with or without you.\\\" The only difference is U2\\‘s version isn\\‘t painful to listen to!!