leading vows

A few years ago I asked a few people to help me see myself as “pastor” and “leader”.  Through the process of that three month conversation I made a number of commitments that I revisit often and fail even frequently.  Here’s where I’m at with these:


  • I vow to lead within the context of loving relationships.
  • I vow to receive personal criticism as a sober gift and to search it for God’s invitation.
  • I vow not to teach or preach if I cannot interact with people.
  • I vow to ask more questions and make observations inviting participation rather than give answers.
  • I vow to let my life authenticate my voice.
  • I vow to hear, see, know and learn from Christ in others.
  • I vow to missionally link beyond what I see as safe today.
  • I vow to decrease, to become less and to celebrate others more.
  • I vow to ask for forgiveness when I wrong, to love when wronged, and to regularly express my need of others.
  • I vow to love my limitations.
  • I vow to be open seeing God where I might least expect him – “You never know.” 
  • I vow to introduce chaos when I feel most secure.
  • I vow to respond to the many and varied actions my communities call forth from me.
  • I vow to hold any sense of vision with humble suspicion. 

peace, dwight

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  1. Wow. Challenging commitments! Introducing chaos into the places of security and linking to people that don‘t feel safe seem escpecially hard.