un-worship services

I’ve been having this overwhelming sense that western protestant Church “worship services” ultimately have the opposite effect that we hope for. Among other things, we intend to lift up Christ, to praise him, and so on, however. The very act of elevating Christ within the worship gathering seems to reinforce a dualism, that relegates Christ to the sidelines of our lives the rest of the week. This is worship (Sunday morning at 11) this is not worship (the rest of life).

Empty – excessive praise may be as damaging in our relationship with God as it is to all people, (see Alfie Kohn and Grant Wiggins). I hope you don’t think I’m saying quit worshipping because that is not an option, after all the rocks will cry out if we don’t.

But just because your church bulletin says it’s a worship service doesn’t mean it is.

Peace, dwight

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